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🐾Paw Pops- Ice Pet Pops by Woof & Brew 🐾

Cat and dog treats just don’t get any cooler!

Made using Woof & Brew’s award-winning Posh Pooch Dog Wine and 100% natural herbs, Paw Pops are healthy refreshing treats for your four-legged friend! Created with the advice of veterinary experts, these scrumptious Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng flavored treats are (of course) non-alcoholic and grape-free.

These ready-to-freeze, ‘Paw-pops’ are a great gift for any pet owner or even for your own precious pets – the perfect summer cooling treat! Simply pop in the freezer for when your pet fancies a ‘lick’ or a ‘crunch’.

•Shelf life - 18 months

• Ready-to-freeze pops.

• Perfect for keeping dogs and cats cool in hot weather.

• Healthy, alcohol-free, grape-free, made with 100% natural herbs.

•Sold in Box of 6 -50ml pops or Single

Paw Pops- Pet Ice Pops by Woof & Brew

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